AUT, Chennai Dec 2011 Result and Analysis 

Anna University of Technology, Chennai released the 2nd Year (Semester III) Results on10th January 2012.

AUT, Chennai has around 170 Engineering Colleges in and around Chennai. And the current semester result statistics shows a significant drop on the Semester III Result.

In connection with this matter, AUT,Chennai Vice Chancellor Dr.C.Thangaraj, wrote a Letter to All Managements, Principals, Faculty and Students of all colleges under the control of Anna University of Technology Chennai.

The Letter is published on AUT Chennai website as “VC Message on Nov 2011 Results Analysis“.

From the letter some important points as follows :

1. Percentage of all Pass Students : 26.87 % Only. It means out of 64758 Students, 17401 Students only got pass in all subjects.

2. And in Scripts / answer sheets papers : 62.76 % got passed.

3. 9381 Students admitted in Lateral Entry and the Lateral entry Result is just 10.14 % Only.

4. Even after deducting the Lateral Entry Students, the Regular students Result is still stands on 29.71 % only.

5. More he stated that, Some of the colleges getting only less than 10 % and some others getting less than 25% which are standing more than 5 years and 10 years respectively.


From the above statistics All College Managements, Principals, Faculty and Students should take more efforts for improve the study method and quality of the education!

It is possible!….?

 The Statistics provided by the AUT VC is very much useful for understanding about the Results of Colleges and Students.

We are expect the same type of statistical Reports from Anna University Chennai for the upcoming results for improve the Education Quality.



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